Inividual diagnosis

Diagnosis is not generalised in Chinese medicine, every individual patient will be thoroughly checked for their general condition using the Chinese "triple pulse" technique to determine the bodies functions and detect imbalance.. The TCM Doctor will also check for other giveaway signs ie Skin condition, eye clarity, strength of voice and carefully listen to your symptoms and how you are feeling..

As the TCM Doctor builds on the picture of your health they will ask questions to help ascertain their diagnosis until they are sure of the source of the symptoms..

It is important to answer honestly including lifestyle and consumption of foods and drinks, do not worry about being judged on anything. The TCM Doctor will not pass judgment.. They simply need to know the circumstances they are dealing with in order to get to the source of the problem or disorder. so they can help as quickly and directly as they possibly can..

Consulatation is free and if you are not amazed at the accuracy of the skilled diagnosis you are under no obligation to go any further, you have nothing to lose..

Treating the cause..

Acupuncture will always be used in the treatment of most illnesses, inserting the needles carefully into different combinations  of acupoints will begin to correct the imbalances within your organs.

The TCM Doctors are highly trained in insertion of the needles and the many differing combinations used to treat each individual case.

We in the West are generally  not accustomed to this treatment yet but this will change as more people learn to appreciate the genuine health benefits it easily acheives..

After the needles are quickly and practically pain free inserted, most people drop off into a deep state of relaxation/sleep while the "Chi" (energy) is balanced within our system, this is the beginning of the healing process. Because we have not grown up with this kind of treatment we respond to it very well and feel the benefit immediately.

If we have a physical condition relief is immediate, if we have an illness we will notice slight changes as a course is necessary to clear our system of it..

With illnesses Herbal medicine will also be uniquely prescribed, this may be in small pellet form where mulitple pellets are taken regularly as prescribed by the Doctor.. This can also be given to the patient as mixtures of natural roots, bark, dried flowers etc. From this tea will be brewed and consumed daily.. Again this all depends on the individual circumstances and is tailored to your specific needs..

With physical conditions part of your session may be taken up with "tuina therapy" this is medical massage in China, it is a very corrective and curative hands on therapy to help resolve physical and inner "Chi" energy issues..

With physical or illness situations Fire cupping may also be used to enhance the treatment, it is normally only done for around 15 mins..

The essence of Tcm is to treat stagnant blood and energy in the body, affect and stimulate the energy of the bodies organs to create balance in the system.

Detoxify and enhance the body functions thus strengthening our immune system  leaving us feeling relaxed and free to go about our lives in good, healthy condition..

Conditions which we can help include:


•Allergic rhinitis (including hay fever)




•Peptic ulcer, acute and chronic gastritis, and gastrospasm

•Facial pain




•Knee pain

•Low back pain


•Malposition of fetus

•Morning sickness

•Menopausal symptoms

•M.S    M.E

•Nausea and vomiting

•Neck pain

•Pain in dentistry

•Frozen shoulder

•Postoperative pain

•Rheumatoid arthritis




•Tennis elbow

•Trigeminal neuralgia