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Traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) originated in ancient China several thousand years ago and has developed to one of the most sophisticated, advanced and mature forms of treatment for a wide range of different disorders.

Acupuncture, Herbal remedies and cupping,Tuina / TCM massage   are the treatments most commonly used by TCM practitioners.

Today, TCM is practiced side by side with Western medicine in most hospitals and clinics of China..

Diagnosis & individual treatments.

Using professional,traditional, individual diagnosis,which includes five elements and YIN, YANG theory, the practitioner will analysis and determine the possible causes of your condition..

Having discovered what is wrong they will treat accordingly to your needs to balance your body and stumulate your organs function  in most cases..

There is a more indepth explanation on the following pages..

Treatment combinations..

Every indivdual is unique and after diagnosis the practitioner will give you some suggestions or advise the course of action necessary to correct your body's imbalance and ease your symtoms..

Acupuncture, medical massage, natural herbs, and cupping therapy will be used in most cases..

Tcm treatment are very natural therapies, so they produce no side effects, which makes TCM a safe and effective treatment for people of all ages and backgrounds..

Dr (TCM) Zhu, (Doctor and Consultant of Traditional Chinese Medicine) graduated from Henan University of Tcm in China in 1992. is registered with  The Association of Traditional Chinese medicine and acupunctur TCM (UK), the Register of Beijing University of Chinese medicine & Pharmacology  (UK)  and the Register of Federation of Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners Institute  (UK), specialist and professior in TCM  even 10 years ago in China. every other practitioner he works with all have bachelor's degree's in Tcm and over 20 years clinical experiences.

Our aim is to help you to get benefit from treatment of TCM and keep good health.

We believe we can make it.